Affiliate Programs

How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

There are several ways to make money online. Affiliate program is one of very popular money making methods. An affiliate means selling a seller / vendor's products through a website or blog.

When there is a website or blog's visitors to buy products through affiliate links, then an affiliate earns a commissions.

Here are some affiliate programs you can consider. Perhaps you would be interested in one of the program and immediately start making money online.

Clickbank is a very popular marketplace of digital products on the internet. There are thousands of digital products you can promote via website or blog. You can choose products that match the topic of your website or blog. You will get up to 75% commission for each sale of the product.

Amazon not only sells books online. However, you will find various types of products you can sell via your website or blog from fashion to electronics products. Percentage of commission you will get is:

Payment Structure for Flat Classic referral rate of 4%.
Payment Structure for Performance (except for Consumer Electronics), 4% to 8.5%, depending on the number of sales in a month.

Commission Junction is an affiliate program that consists of many leading companies of the world. You can choose products that relate to the topic of your website or blog.

Linkshare is a subsidiary of leading online retailer Rakuten. Linkshare has the advantages of using a non coockie-based technology so you can avoid the risk of loss due to improper tracking cookies. You will get a commission when a visitor buys a product through your affiliate link.

Forex-affiliate gives you the opportunity to make money through its affiliate program. Revenue schemes on Forex-affiliate are Revenue Share and Cost per Active Trader. If you have a website or blog about forex trading then you can consider the affiliate program of the Forex-affiliate.

You should learn the "Term and Conditions" of each of the affiliate programs before you decide to join one of them.

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